The Route

The Route that dave will take will start off at Rufforth airfield near York, then head down to Headcorn in Kent before a short hop over the English channel to Calais.

Once over in Calais the route will then take me up the coast into Belgium and then into the Netherlands Amsterdam. Into Germany then and Hamburg, leaving Germany he will head north through Denmark and into Sweden.

Copenhagen and onto Stockholm before heading up the Gulf of Bothnia passing sundisvall to Arvidsjar, stopping in Arvidsjar until the weather is good before leaving Sweden and heading to Tromso on the north coast of Norway.

Once the weather is perfect he will cross the icy Barents sea to Svalbard passing over bear island a distance of 500 miles, temps down as low as -60 degees and into Longyearbyen.

After Longyearbyen a long crossing over the Polar icecap to Russian ice station, where he has special permission to land and stop over.

The fuel is been specialy flown into the ice station just for dave and his microlight, then if the weather is good dave will fly to the true North Pole before returning back to the uk by the same route.




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